• Healthier plants

    The natural nutrients present in the mats make your plants healthier and greener, accelerate growth, improve root development and produce more flowers.

  • Increases crop yield

    Laboratory and university research show that plant yields (flowers and fruits) increase by more than 30% when the mats are used.

  • Reduces predation

    Placing mats on top of plants reduces predation by deer, rabbits, beavers, and other common vermin.

  • Eco-Friendly solution

    By transforming discarded human hair into a all-natural and sustainable product, we contribute to protecting the environment.

  • Reduce watering

    Reduces irrigation by up to 30%, minimizing water evaporation and preserving soil moisture.

  • Minimizes weed growth

    When used on top of the plants, the mat creates an all-natural barrier to minimize weed growth.

  • Faster results

    Testimonials and tests from growers and home gardeners have shown that our mats produce healthier plants with more flowers.

  • University validated

    Research has found that the proper use of the mats results in up to 30% more blooms and up to 30% less need of watering.

  • Easy to use

    Simply apply on top, bottom or both places and wait for the best results. You can leave the mat for a whole season before changing it.

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  • Helping the planet

    We transform discarded hair into an innovative eco-friendly solution to encourage the use of all-natural products and to help preserve our planet.