How to use it

Smart4Growing mats are all-natural made 100% from human hair, that accelerates healthy plant-growth, reduces water use and eliminates use of toxic chemicals. A patented solution, Smart4Growing is a breakthrough in natural gardening with over 3 million units sold.  

How it works

When Smart4Growing mats biodegrade, they release macro and micronutrients present in the hair fibers that are essential to the growth of healthy and robust plants.

Application benefits


Mats slowly releases nutrients and captures added fertilizers to soils. Acts as a weed barrier and lessens-water evaporation. Deters deer and other animals from eating your plants.


Slowly releases all-natural nutrients to the root. Reduces the use of fertilizer and accelerates growth.


Use it on the top and bottom if you want faster, greener and more effective results.



Grow bigger, healthier and more beautiful plants with Smart4Growing, a patented all-natural product made 100% from human hair-fiber.

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