Meet the founders

At Smart4Growing we know the importance of using all-natural products that do not harm the environment and preserve our planet and health. That is why we have dedicated the last 15 years to the development of disruptive eco-scientific solutions based on human hair to grow plants and food in a 100% natural and organic way.

Blair Blacker


Retired US Army Colonel. While on active duty, he served in South Korea, Vietnam, and Europe and traveled extensively in the Middle East. His military background includes commanding various organizations as both an infantry, armor, and aviation Officer including 2 Aviation Brigades. He flew attack helicopters in Viet Nam and received 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and other valor awards.

He has more than two decades of corporate C-level experience from major, technology-based U.S. Corporations, private as well as public, taking several spin-off companies from inception to prominent positions in their markets. In the process, Blair raised significant amounts of venture capital and was responsible for a staff of more than 2,200 people.

In recent years, Blair has become a true believer in the use of all-natural products for agriculture and horticulture, creating and developing Smart4Growing Slurry and Mats to be used as non-chemical fertilizers and biostimulants.

The use of Smart4Growing eco-science technology will have a positive effect on the environment, not only by using recycled human hair, but also by avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides that directly affect soils, water, and human health.

Phil McCrory


Creator of Smart4Growing mats and Ottimat. A visionary, innovator, and entrepreneur with a belief in eco-sustainability. A true believer in all-natural, non-chemical solutions for the home gardening, horticulture, and agricultural industries.

Back in 1989 McCrory owned an Alabama hair salon. When the massive oil spill in Alaska caused by the Exxon Valdez happened, he was amazed at how the animal’s fur had attracted so much oil that the water around its body was free of petroleum. Then, McCrory wondered if human hair had the same properties.

After that, he started doing some trials on rose plants, putting the hair mats below the plants and he saw a big difference between the ones with and the ones without mats. So that was when he joined Blair Blacker to start doing research and commercializing the hair mats for agricultural and horticultural purposes.