How do I use Smart4Growing?

The mats are placed on top of the potted plant, above the soil, or placed on the bottom of the pot before potting.

Should I place it on the top or bottom?

For single stem plants you can place the mat on top. For larger plants with multiple stems you can place the mat on the bottom of the pot. For best results with vegetables we recommend placing the mat on the bottom.

How long does Smart4Growing last?

The mats will last an entire growing season.

How does Smart4Growing work?

The hair-mats work by slowly releasing nutrients into the soil as they biodegrade. The mats also help with:

  • Water retention – by reducing evaporation.
  • Weed growth – by acting as a weed barrier when placed on top.
  • Pest deterrent – the hair-fiber is a natural repellent to many pests.

Do I still need to use fertilizer?

Some people choose to use a small amount of fertilizer with the mats, how much is up to you.

Do I need to use herbicide/weed killer?

One of the benefits of using the mats on top of the plant is that they act as a natural weed barrier. You should not need to use herbicides with the mat on top.

Where does the hair-fiber come from?

The hair-fibers in our products are the by-product of wig production.

Why use hair at all?

The hair-fibers are nutrient-rich, and all natural, and because they biodegrade over time they are perfect for gardening applications.

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